Tring and the Zebra

Tring's Zebra is in Church Square. The eye of the zebra is a plaque commemorating its placement by the Town Council of Tring in 1991 as part of the High Street Improvement Scheme. The architect was Derek Rogers.
The Zebra is actually a maze, a fact most quickly appreciated by the young.

Jake Bye, wanted to find out why is there a zebra in Tring ?
This is what he discovered.

The zebra remembers Tring’s most famous resident, Lord Walter Rothschild . He was the founder of Tring‘s Natural History Museum. When Walter was ten years old he kept specimens of animals in his garden shed. He kept an Australian opossum under one of his desks as well. Walter was given the museum in Tring by his father Nathaniel. The work all started in 1889 and the building was designed by William Huckvale. The museum opened on the 11th August 1892. Many animals were kept in the grounds of Tring Park, such as ostriches. Walter used to ride around on a giant turtle and drive around in a trap pulled by zebras – hence the Tring Zebra.

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Much more information about Walter Rothschild can be found at The Natural History Museum, (check the Tring tab) and at this Wikipedia site