Katherine & Emily Wood wrote in the FOTCH newsletter about young people and what heritage means to them:

"Heritage is a big part of this country and makes up a lot of towns and villages we live in today. Most people, when asked, would say that Akeman Street wouldn't look the same without the Zoological Museum, and almost everyone would agree that Tring just wouldn't be the same without its church. But is this the view of young people today, or do we only hope it would be?"

Zoe Craven, 12, says that 'Heritage is very important to the community because is shows our history and it stands to remind us of our triumphs (and our mistakes) so we can learn from it.' Zoe cares a lot about the 'inheritance of our district' and wants to make sure that we leave at least as much as we have already to the future residents of Tring."

Lily Ingrey, 12, has taken part in several FOTCH fundraisers and hopes to do so in future to 'keep an important part of Tring alive'. She says that 'Heritage is to remember our ancestors and what we have achieved over the years. It is a fine example to others wanting to achieve something similar. A building is not just a building; it has a tale to tell behind it.'

"Just about everyone anywhere, whether they are 8 or 98, agree that heritage is an important part of this country and of their own individual communities and that it is not only part of their past, but of their future as well."

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