The Past Year’s Activities

Annual report to the Charity Commissioners – 2010/2011 – A Year of Quiet

The 2010 / 11 year started with our best ever Family Fun Day in and around the
church on the second weekend of May 2010. We had a record number of visitors
and even the Teddy Tower Terror event – a great draw for families – had 275
entrants. This 'birthday weekend' event, which, on this occasion, marked our 21st
birthday, has become increasingly popular with the whole community and helps
bring together the church community and the wider residential communities of
Tring in an extremely relaxed and engaging atmosphere. We encourage all church
organisations to participate, so that the whole family of the church is available
and welcoming to the town. As usual, the weekend finished off with the Annual
Friendship Service, which was again well attended.

In deference to the need for the Tring Parish fundraising activities to be given
priority, we did not hold a major fundraiser in summer 2010. We held a special
service at Candlemas jointly with the church community and a concert in the church
the following month each of which made good contributions to funds. Both these
were extremely well attended and we are grateful to Richard Grylls for his role in
organising and leading these.

The Trustees met for their annual strategy meeting and reviewed the balance
of activities, ensuring that the investment proportions were correctly balanced.
As can be seen from the financial reports, despite the difficulties in the financial
marketplace, our position remains robust and well spread.

The Trustees also confirmed the balance of strategic activities and agreed to
plan a new membership drive in spring 2011, which will involve distribution to all
households in Tring. We were fortunate to have the print and production of the
leaflet for both this and the promotion of the Family Fun Day 2011 donated free by a
very generous supplier. This initiative has created no cost to the Society.

We have confirmed a grant payment of approximately £3,300 for the improvement
of security within the church building and also the completion of the stone capping
of the steps in the tower staircase. Both these improvements are in line with our
mandate to improve access for the whole Tring community.

We have been closely involved with the "Open Church" initiative and are now
working with the church welcoming team to ensure that the church is open every
day throughout daylight hours. This has worked well and been much appreciated
by a wide range of community members of all ages. As part of this Open Church
initiative, we are now working on an improvement in display and interpretation for
the church and its artefacts and have developed a scheme which will involve local
schools in researching and writing about this aspect. This will meet our mandate of
engaging and involving young people. Our chairman, Vivianne Child, has continued
in her role of chairing the Tring Learning Centre/Tring School Community Board and
ensuring that these links between School, community and the Society remain strong.

We also continue with our in-school interpretation programmes on local history which
are very well received.

Membership remains stable and, once again, our two half-yearly planning lunches
were extremely well attended and the ongoing Hundred Club (now in its sixth year)
continues to be fully subscribed.

As ever, the strength of the Friends lies in the engagement and energy of its
members and we continue to be blessed with a vigorous and dynamic group of
activists as well as a superb team of Officers and Trustees. Long may it continue to
be so.

On behalf of the Trustees - Grahame Senior, President, - April 2011

New Trustees

At the 2011 AGM we were delighted to welcome two new Trustees to FOTCH.
Annette Reynolds will represent the DCC and John Bly will be the Wardens'
representative. They were both welcomed by the outgoing Chairman of Trustees,
Vivianne Child, and are both looking forward to their first Trustees meeting. If you are
interested in finding out about the role of Trustee, please talk to Grahame Senior on
Tring (01442) 822770.

Heritage Initiatives

The Tring Heritage Award scheme for the young, which was launched in May 2003,
was again awarded for 2011 to young people from Tring for support of our Heritage.
The 2011 Heritage Award winner was the church Sunday School and their group of

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