Henry Guy 1631 - 1710

Sir Henry Guy built much of what can now be seen of the manor house in Tring Park (now the Arts Educational School), reputedly from designs by Sir Christopher Wren. He was a Secretary to the Treasury of King Charles II, and was in charge of 'secret service accounts' for the King; amongst other duties he provided maintenance for Nell Gwynn, mistress of the King, who is thought to have lived here at Dunsley House. In 1680 he renewed the Market house in the High Street opposite the church and endowed a curacy for the church itself. (The Market House was demolished by the Rothschilds in 1900 and moved to a new building on the corner of Akeman Street, now an opticians and the Tring Town Information Centre; the Rothschilds built the current Counting House on the site.)

Guy was not, however, always a benefactor: Daniel Defoe, writing in 1724 of his 'Tour through the Whole Island of Great Britain' notes approvingly that, when Guy attempted to enclose Wigginton Common for his park,

"the cottagers and farmers opposed it ... they rose upon him, pulled down his banks, forced up his pales ... this they did several times until he was obliged to desist"

In 1695 Guy was imprisoned in the Tower of London for accepting bribes and forced to resign from the government; he sold his estates in Tring in 1702 and died in 1710.  (see Tring Personalities by Wendy Austin, Alpine Press 2000)