Rev Arthur Pope 1841 - 1921

Arthur was Vicar of Tring from 1872 to 1881 and is notable for his building of New Mill and Graveley schools, St Matha's Church and a new clergy house, The Furlong, in Park Road. He himself is reported to have said, when praised for his fundraising,

"These things had to be done, the congregation did not come forward to do them. I was not going round begging for money, and I did them, to the detriment of my children's education. The parish should be ashamed of themselves for allowing me to do it."

Arthur also provided a temperance (non -alcoholic) Working Men's Club at what used to be The Dolphin public house - now, of course, the Dolphin Square shopping precinct.

Another of Arthur's pet subjects was hygiene, and he was keen to lecture working men:

"Don't put your sweaty clothes and boots in your children's bedroom. You put a nail in your child's coffin every time you do so. Put your boots up a tree, down a well, anywhere except the bedroom."

I suspect the same applies to the sweaty trainers of today!

Arthur died in 1921 and is buried by the wall of the old cemetery behind the church.